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Andorra is advertised as the “country of the Pyrenees”, which makes sense because it is an extremely mountainous country – though none of its summits reach 3000m. France is to its north and east; Catalonia (Spain) to its west and south....

The GR 11 is the star of all the trails in the southern Pyrenees. It is a route of outstanding beauty and landscape diversity that crosses the Pyrenees from the Mediterranean Sea to the Cantábrico Sea. GR stands for Gran Recorrido (long path, in English)....

Our history starts in 1153, when the Moors lost Siurana, their last foothold in Catalonia. Bertrand de Castellet, a knight of the Christian Count Ramon Berenguer IV, beat them in a cruel battle at this small village in the Priorat.In 1194, during the reing of...