Guided Snowshoeing Holidays in the Pyrenees

Guided snowshoeing holidays in the Pyrenees

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Guided Snowshoeing holidays in the Pyrenees

In winter the landscape is magically transformed. Everything changes; a blanket of snow covers all the paths, and quiet and solitude are all around. Winter in the Pyrenees provides a refreshing opportunity to experience some of the most outstanding Europe alpine landscapes via guided snowshoeing holidays.
TrekPyrenees offers single-centre and multi-centre guided snowshoeing holidays complete with experienced, qualified mountain guides who can show you the hidden gems of this glistening winder wonderland.
Winter trekking is naturally a little more demanding than in other seasons, but the rewards are greater. You explore areas only accessible by snowshoe during the day before returning to charming, warm accommodation featuring cosy fires and excellent food each night.
snowshoeing holidays

You can hear the snow crunch from here – the majesty of the Pyrenees…

Bespoke Snowshoeing Itineraries

Our guided snowshoeing holidays are tailored to cater for a broad range of abilities but the expectation will be that most groups will be beginners at snowshoeing. That is the reason why our holidays always include some teaching. We will instruct you in the combined use of snowshoes, poles and beacon.

Snowshoe Equipment & Advice

Anyone who can walk can use snowshoes, although it may take an hour or so to get used to a slightly more exaggerated walking style. The snowshoes fit easily onto a trekking boot. The stiffer the boot, the easier it is to walk. The poles are used for balance and to help the legs during uphill stretches. Snowshoes, poles and beacon are included in our snowshoe holidays. However, if you already have this gear, please bring it with you.

Snowshoeing trip - La Cerdanya - Catalan and French Pyrenees

5-day snowshoeing experience in La Cerdanya (France and Spain) with TrekPyrenees in early Spring 2016.
A group of 8 Londoners walked in Meranges, Gorges del Segre, La Bouillouses lake and followed the archaeological path in Eyne. We had fun, ate very well and visited a cave (Fontrabiouse) and a cheese-maker (El Molí de Ger).

La Cerdanya - 3-day snowshoeing trip in the Catalan & French Pyrenees

Eleven participants flew from London to spend two days in Barcelona and three days snowshoeing in La Cerdanya. Our walks combined the French and Catalan Pyrenees: we visited Malniu lake, climbed La Mina peak and, finally, La Tosa Plana de Lles peak, the second-highest mountain in La Cerdanya. We really had a good time despite the lack of snow.

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Founder of TrekPyrenees and Mountain Guide, Miguel has a diploma in Computer Sciences and MBA. Passionate about mountains and about meeting and leading people, he loves photography, languages, Romanesque architecture and wine. There are many magnificent hidden spots in the Pyrenees and the other mountains of Catalonia that are hard to discover on your own. Miguel loves finding them and then showing them to visitors.

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