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Why choose a guided trek with mountain guide?

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Why choose a guided trek with mountain guide?

mountain guide

Snowshoeing mountain guide leading party up to the summit …

Qualified and skilled in all aspects of mountaineering….

First and foremost, a mountain guide is a qualified professional skilled in all areas of leading groups into mountainous regions such as the Pyrenees.

* Our guides are trained to lead people, organize activities in the mountains and manage risks.

* Our guides have specific training in mountaineering based skills like avalanche awareness, mountain navigation and mountaineering first aid.

* Our guides have precise local knowledge of flora and fauna, mountain routes, weather and snow conditions, history and culture.

mountain guide in the bergueda

A full package of safety, expertise and guidance … with a mountain guide

Therefore, bringing all this together ensures that trekking with a mountain guide will enable you to:

  • Be sure you are heading in the right direction, even when the path is not signposted or there is no obvious path at all.
  • Feel safe if there is an accident, bad weather, or any unexpected situation.
  • Be accompanied by a person who can lead the group and knows the organisation, strategy and risks of the activity you are involved in.
  • Benefit from all the knowledge acquired by the guide during his/her years of experience, which cannot be fully covered in any guidebook, covering how to identify flora and fauna; what is the best route to hike, scramble or climb, according to the weather conditions and terrain and where are the best spots for photos and rest stops.

All TrekPyrenees mountain guides are UIMLA and AEGM certified.

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Founder of TrekPyrenees and Mountain Guide, Miguel has a diploma in Computer Sciences and MBA. Passionate about mountains and about meeting and leading people, he loves photography, languages, Romanesque architecture and wine. There are many magnificent hidden spots in the Pyrenees and the other mountains of Catalonia that are hard to discover on your own. Miguel loves finding them and then showing them to visitors.

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