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  • Amazing hike in great company on a lovely sunny day! Hiking with Miguel never disappoints. It was hard, but reaching the top of Puig de Bassegoda at 1,370 mt and seeing the incredible 360 views of all Catalunya made it so worth it! Ready for the next one! 🙂

    Eva el 30-May-2017

  • I thoroughly enjoyed my first hike with TrekPyrenees. As a non-native Spanish speaker I found that everyone in the group was quite open to allowing me to practice my Castellano while helping me through the tough bits by speaking English. This is very comforting for someone who may have just moved here and/or has limited language abilities in Spain. Miguel is also very knowledgeable about the area, you can tell very experienced taking an interest in the planta and fauna as well as the landscape, and he put safety above all else which should not

    Mike O'Connell el 11-Jan-2017

  • TrekPyreness is a great group to discover and enjoy the mountains! We had a lovely trip to Saldaguda peak, peaceful and challenging. Miguel show us an amazing path off the beaten track and we learnt many things about nature with him! I recommend you all the experience!

    anna pinyol el 19-Dec-2016

  • Awesome!

    linda el 24-Oct-2016

  • Great group to discover new places with expert guide.

    Iain el 18-Apr-2016

  • Miguel is a great guide. He really knows the mountains and he'll show you the best views.

    Juan Diego García Quiroga el 08-Feb-2016

  • A great overall experience:)

    Carmen L. el 11-Jan-2016

  • Great day with Miguel and TrekPyrenees to Gallina Pelada summit. Miguel did a very good job as our mountain guide, and I truly enjoyed spending a day with other hiking enthusiasts. I can highly recommends TrekPyrenees as your organiser for a trek in the Pyrenees.

    Karsten el 26-Oct-2015

  • Highly recommended to anyone who wants to go hiking. Miguel is a fantastic guide, gives great advice and shares the right amount of information which makes the experience one to remember.

    Rozemarijn el 21-Jul-2015

  • This was an outstanding experience. Miguel is a wonderful guide who clearly loves the Catalan Pyrenees. He almost seems to know them by heart. Although it was quite a tough hike - bad weather during the second half, with rain showers and wind - Miguel managed to keep high spirits, never hurrying or going too fast for anybody. To the group I must say that you are all lovely people. It was a pleasure to me - as an outsider who was on vacation - to meet you all. And I'll come back some day, for sure! Gracias a todos por este día hermoso.

    Dirk el 26-Apr-2015

  • Awesome. Recommend to everyone!

    brian canty el 16-Feb-2015

  • Miguel guided us on such a beautiful hike. Everything about it was wonderful--the pace, the "off the beaten path" location, the fellow hikers, and, of course, all the information about the flora and fauna and history of the land--in three languages! It is nice to meet someone who is a true appreciator of nature, TREES and the outdoor experience. His enthusiasm for the hike was infectious, and despite the somewhat cold weather, everyone in our group shared such a memorable experience. The next time I have a free weekend, I am signing up again--s

    Rachel McPherson el 20-Dec-2014

  • Fantastic day out with Miguel and a really great group if fellow trekkers! Really loved Miguel's short classes on botany and meteorology (and a little poetry thrown in, under a beech grove!) - exercise for the brain as well as the body! Great organisation, and a relaxed, fulfilling experience all round. I'm looking forward to the next time!

    Gavin el 07-Dec-2014

  • A fantastic day-hike with Miguel and the group. If all of Catalonia's mountains are as spectacular as this you could never tire of exploring. Miguel is a great leader, fun and very knowledgable with a passion for the area, but most importantly I felt total confidence in his management and awareness of the group throughout the day. This walk was absolutely stunning, but you probably need to some experience of shorter walks before taking on a long hike like this (7 hours, moderate to challenging). Thanks Miguel!

    JessNT el 17-Nov-2014

  • A great experience. This was a perfect day hike and perfect weather. I was satisfied. The organizer is informative and aware of everyone and he is great to talk to. Thanks Miquel and everyone!!!!

    Corey el 27-Oct-2014

  • The day was spectacular to an interesting part of the Pyrenees, we all reached the Puigmal summit and descended via a different route. Miguel was very knowledgeable of the area and gave descriptions throughout the day of the region, plants and animals (we saw a lot of Pyrenean chamois). The day was well organised with a good group of people, topped off by a well earned beer after the trek. I would thoroughly recommend a trip with Miguel and TrekPyrenees.

    Bill el 27-Oct-2014

  • Well-planned trip, good communication from the organizers and friendly company - overall a great group for fantastic days and treks in the beautiful mountains o/.

    Martin Kjer el 06-Oct-2014

  • I went to the trek to Andorra for the week-end. I am super happy. Guide was fun, opened, sociable and a fan of good rock. He gave nice explanations in English and Spanish about flowers and trek. Difficulty was ok, effort was by far worth while the views. Company was really nice. Absolutely recommended!!! 🙂

    Laura el 31-Aug-2014

  • I have enjoyed the trek to Pic de Bastiments and I would recommend 'Trek Pyrenees' to those people who would like to be guided by a professional mountain leader who adjust walking pace according needs of people in the group. \r\nThank you for a great day.

    Natasa el 07-Jul-2014

Ascent to Pedraforca

Ascent to Pedraforca

Following in the footsteps of Gaudí and Picasso in the Pyrenees