A cookie is a small file which downloads to your computer when you visit some web sites. Cookies allow web applications to obtain and keep information about your habits and navigation preferences and, depending on the information contained in the cookie and the way you use your device, the cookies can also be used to identify you.

Cookies are essential for the use of Internet, and very useful for companies offering online services, improving the navigation and usability of our web site.

Below you will find ways to classify the different kind of cookies:


By company managing them:

> Our own cookies

>> These are the cookies that we use to offer you our services through our web site

> Others’ cookies

>> Cookies used and managed by a third party

By use:

> Session cookies

>> Keep and gather data needed to navigate only while the user is using the web site.

> Persistent cookies

>> Like session cookies, but stay in the user’s computer after the user has left the web site.

> Technical cookies

>> Needed for using the web site

> Cookies to personalize

>> Keeps some user information needed for user navigation, such as preferred language

> Analysis cookies

>> Used by a site to understand which pages have been visited, how long per page, number of users, country of origin, etc.

> Marketing cookies

>> Used to embed publicity in the web site

> Marketing cookies based on user behaviour

>> Like the previous ones, but show users publicity material  depending on the user behaviour.


In compliance with the article 22.2 of the Spanish law 34/2002, de 11 de julio, de Servicios de la Sociedad de la Información y de Comercio Electrónico (LSSI-CE), Miguel Ibáñez Santamaría (hereinafter MIS) informs you about the cookies used in our web site:


Technical cookies

Others’ cookies

Session cookies

Persistent cookies

Cookies to personalize

Our own cookies

Others’ cookies

Session cookies

Analysis cookies

Others’ cookies

Session cookies

Persistent cookies




Google Analytics store cookies in order to learn about the traffic and number of visits to this web site. By using this web site you accept the use that Google makes of the data obtained by those cookies. Therefore, for the exercise of any right to which entitled under this Section you should address Google.

The cookies of Google Analytics are stored in servers located in USA, and Google agrees not to share this information with third parties, except when this information is necessary for the system to work correctly or when the law obliges to disclosure this information.

Google says they do not store your IP address. Google Inc. is a member of the Safe Harbour Agreement, which guarantees that all data transferred will be in compliance with European rules.

You can learn more about this at

You may use Google’s plugin to disable Google Analytics in web sites. More information at

Also, MIS informs that you may set your browser so it can warn you about the cookies which are going to be downloaded, so that you may avoid cookies being stored in your hard disk. Below you will find some links to set your browser: